Expense Management and Service Optimization

Our expense management services will reduce your telecom and wireless costs while maintaining or improving your service levels. To manage your telecom expenses, audits are conducted and recommendations are offered to help you select the best cost optimal service configuration for your business needs.

Telecommunications Inventory and Services Audit
Complex billing, service changes over the enterprise, mergers and acquisitions, and the opening and closing of corporate locations generate confusion and perpetuate unneeded expenses. Even if you have deployed a Telecom Expense Management software solution there still is a need to determine what you have, where it is located, is it still used, and can it be removed.

Our audit process is detailed, precise, delivers an accurate inventory, and identifies services that are not in use. Many organizations can expect a 10% to 15% reduction in expenses by removing unused and unneeded services.

Telecommunications Optimization Services
This service is an enhancement to the Inventory and Services audit. During the audit we learn about your telecom systems and services and identify ways to improve or enhance your services for less cost. On completion of the inventory and audit, detailed recommendations are presented for consideration. All approved recommendations are implemented for you. If the service is provided via contingency billing, we guarantee that your cost reductions will be within 1%-3% of our initial estimates. If there are no savings, there are no fees and we bill monthly for our services. Unlike our competition, we do not estimate future savings, render an invoice, and disappear. Typically, a service optimization will produce monthly reductions of 15% to 30%.

Wireless Audit and Optimization Services
Wireless expenses are increasing exponentially each year. Our wireless audit and optimization service follows the same detailed process used in our telecom audit and optimization. We develop a complete inventory of your wireless services and users, document their existing service plans, and analyze a minimum of 4 months of usage to establish an accurate baseline of current expenses. We then apply our expertise to reconfigure your service plans into an optimized cost configuration. Typically, a wireless service optimization will produce monthly reductions of 20% to 30%. We have achieved reductions of 45% to 50% for several clients.

Audit and Optimization Services will produce results for any small, medium, or large business as well as most non-profit organizations.

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