Case Studies

The following case studies are presented to show how our consulting services have delivered greatly improved service and significant savings to businesses with a single location, multiple office locations or virtual locations. Multiple-location staffing firm improves service flexibility for operations and disaster recovery which results in significant monthly savings with a consolidation initiative
  • A large non-profit organization with multiple locations uncovers phenomenal savings in the form of a tax refund and reduced monthly costs.
  • New Jersey based non-profit healthcare organization cuts costs 52% by reconfiguring services and eliminating several services not in use
  • A non-profit healthcare service implements a redesigned network with multiple disaster recovery options and significant bandwidth improvements with no increases to monthly costs
  • Cell phones and tablets create a virtual office, but a NJ construction firm has WayComm to thank for discounts and reconfigured plans that save monthly operating costs.
  • Car rental franchise gets improved disaster recovery service, significant bandwidth increase at headquarters, and 35% cost reduction at its 35 locations
  • International wireless testing company employs WayComm managed services to improve service to its corporate wireless users and reduces costs of international network through contract negotiations.

Large Temporary Staffing Firm

An industrial staffing company headquartered in New Jersey has 35 remote locations in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. The company was served by nine different telecom and Internet providers plus a wireless carrier. Their business model included cell phones for 225 of its employees.

Expense Management and Service Optimization
A comprehensive analysis found that costs would be reduced by consolidating services from nine to three providers. Two lower-cost carriers were selected because their costs per minute and line fees were significantly lower. One incumbent carrier also provided Internet service at prices that were significantly lower than the existing two, offered promotional rates and waived installation fees to move the services. In addition, billing was still being rendered for locations that had previously closed.

Initial Telephone & Internet Savings - Billing for their average monthly costs for landline and Internet services averaged $14,750.00 per month. On completion, their costs were reduced by 32% to an average of $9,750.00 per month.

Improved Flexibility and Disaster Recovery Options - many of this firm's offices are located in inner city areas with an aging and unreliable telephone infrastructure. Receipt of inbound calls from clients and prospective workers are critical to the success of the firm. Service outages were frequent and each time service was interrupted it required a minimum of 4 hours before inbound calls could be forwarded to another office plus at least 1 day to restore service.

WayComm recommended changing from traditional telephone service to cable which stabilized costs and enabled the client to manage all services via the carrier web portal. This flexibility enabled the client to immediately forward inbound calls and manage services via the web with no calls to the carrier. Improved accessibility and manageability reduced their time to market and ensured that calls are never missed.

Wireless Savings - The initial cellular analysis showed that there were several groups of users on plans that did not match calling and many users were on unlimited plans but did not consume enough minutes to warrant an unlimited plan. In addition, provider discounts were not applied properly. All phones were moved to two sharing groups and all plans were updated. The monthly costs for cellular service averaged $23,065.00 per month. On completion of the billing optimization, costs were reduced by 51% to an average of $11,300.00 per month.

New carrier plans and a subsequent analysis produced additional reductions of $5,500 per month.

Total Telecom Expense Management Savings - Total 5 year savings were over $1,500,000.00

New York Non-Profit Organization with 91 Locations

This multi-location, non-profit organization has ninety-one locations in the five boroughs of Manhattan and was served by a single telecom provider.

Expense Management and Service Optimization
An in-depth audit found several locations that were closed but still had active telephone service. The organization had tax-exempt status, but was being billed state and local taxes by the service provider.

Telephone & Internet Expense Savings - All inactive locations were identified and service was discontinued. This resulted in savings of about $1,700.00 per month. In addition, the telecom contract was renegotiated resulting in a cost reduction of 32% and a total monthly savings of $8,500.00 per month. The tax exemption was corrected on their telecom bill resulting in 8.25% in additional savings.

A sales tax refund was applied for with the state and local tax authorities. The total refund was over $60,000.00.

Total Expense Management Savings - Total savings for this client is over $10,000.00 per month. This represents $120,000.00 per year that does not have to be obtained through fundraising.

NJ Based Non-Profit Organization

This non-profit client has three locations in northern New Jersey and 81 cell phone users. The client was served by three different telecom and Internet providers.

Expense Management and Service Optimization
Our analysis found that when the main location lines were previously consolidated onto a dedicated service, none of the individual lines that were consolidated were removed. In addition, there were several lines in each of the remote locations that were no longer in use. Two private lines connecting the main location with the remotes (which cost over $900.00 per month) were never removed when the facilities were converted to Internet-based facilities.

Telephone & Internet Expense Savings - The contract for landline services was renegotiated, all unused facilities were removed, and all other services were consolidated with one provider.

The average costs for landline services were $5,400.00 per month. On completion of our optimization, costs were reduced by 52% to under $2,700.00 per month.

Wireless Expense Savings - The cellular analysis documented the fact that most of the users were on old plans that did not match their calling and usage patterns. In addition, several lines were identified as not needed as no usage was documented during the six-month study. The average monthly costs for cellular services were $3,371.00. On completion of the billing optimization, costs were lowered 23% to $2,600.00 per month.

Total Telecom Expense Savings - Total monthly savings for this client averages $3,556.00 per month. This is $43,000 annually that does not have to be generated through fundraising activities.

Non-Profit Healthcare Service

A non-profit organization headquartered in Northern New Jersey provides home healthcare services to patients with a mobile work force. All referrals and requests for patient service are handled via inbound phone calls to the organization's 800 and local phone numbers. In addition, all work is dispatched and billing completed via mobile applications using the internet to communicate with headquarters.

During and in the aftermath of super storm Sandy, this organization lost all inbound telephone services for two weeks due to flooding at their telephone providers central switching center in New York City. To compound the problem, calls to the carrier's technical support center could not be processed preventing the organization from forwarding calls to an alternate location to receive referrals and requests for services.

WayComm designed a flexible multi carrier solution that allows the organization to reroute any inbound call to either back up facilities or an off-site call center remotely via the carrier's web portal without assistance from technical support. In addition, internet bandwidth was increased exponentially (3 Mb to 100 Mb) with a backup on a completely separate network with no increase in the organizations monthly costs for telephone or internet services.

Construction Management Firm

A commercial construction management Firm has a mobile work force with approximately 100 field management employees.

First Expense Management and Wireless Service Optimization
Our analysis found that the users’ cellular plans needed to be updated to the most current and efficient plans. In addition, we were able to obtain several discounts for the client raising his discount to 8%. Our initial optimization resulted in an average monthly reduction of $500.00 or 19%.

Second Expense Management and Wireless Service Optimization
One year after the initial optimization, the carrier introduced free mobile-to-mobile service for an additional fee. An additional analysis found that over 60% of their usage was mobile-to-mobile. We implemented the billing change and it resulted in a further cost reduction of almost 50% or $2,900.00 per month. In addition, we negotiated additional discounts that increased their discount from 8% to 16%.

Carrier Change and Subsequent Optimizations
The move to smart phones and tablets necessitated a carrier change for better coverage and service. WayComm arranged and managed the entire transition including the ordering handsets and tablets, transferring personal phone books, and coordinated the entire transition. Using a group purchase organization we were able to obtain a 22% discount on carrier services and accessories plus a sizeable bill credit to subsidize the purchase of new smart phones.

Subsequently, new carrier plans were introduced and offered the opportunity to reconfigure the wireless account into data sharing. This reconfiguration reduced the client's monthly costs by almost 46%.

Total Wireless Expense Savings - Our billing optimization resulted in overall monthly savings of approximately $3,500.00 per month.

Car Rental Agency

Car rental agency with more than 35 rental counters experienced very slow backup performance to its disaster recovery site due to old technology, bandwidth restrictions, and a lack of internet options at its disaster recovery site.

A WayComm review of internet connectivity determined that additional bandwidth was required for nightly back up plus the rental counters were experiencing poor performance communicating back to the headquarters site. The client had decided to move the disaster recovery site to a carrier co-location data center; however, was reluctant due to the monthly cost of co-location services and the physical location of the backup site.

WayComm recommended moving the disaster recovery servers to a client owned site that was conveniently located and could be serviced with affordable high bandwidth internet service.

In addition, a 100% fiber optic voice/internet solution with increased bandwidth was recommended and installed for the headquarters location with a back up internet facility on a separate network. The entire solution was implemented for less than the monthly cost of just the co-location center resulting in projected cost avoidance of over $2000.00 per month and significant internet performance improvements.

Expense Management and Service Optimization
A detailed audit and analysis of billing for the remote rental counters was conducted. The client was receiving over 70 invoices for voice and internet service plus the audit revealed unauthorized charges on many of the monthly invoices, expensive long distance calling rates, and line features that were not being used.

WayComm recommended moving service to an alternate provider with consolidated billing one monthly invoice and reconfigure services in a standard configuration resulting in a significant reduction in accounts payable processing costs and a 33% monthly cost reduction for telephone and internet services.

Total Monthly Expense Savings - Our consulting resulted in overall monthly reductions of approximately $3,500.00 per month plus cost avoidance of $2000.00 per month for disaster recovery.

International Wireless Testing Company

Managing 350 wireless devices was a full time job for an admin person in the IT department. Ordering wireless services and equipment was a tedious process and it normally required 5 days to respond and fulfill a request.

WayComm delivered an outsourced managed services help desk where the company employees contact us directly for all wireless service requests. WayComm worked with the client to develop an approval process which follows the company wireless policies and approval procedures. Our US based help desk and tech support team is able to provide same day service for most requests.

WayComm was able to substantially reduce the costs for this client's international MPLS network. The client had started negotiations with the incumbent carrier. WayComm assumed responsibility for negotiations, transmitted a RFP to 4 major carriers and determined the market price for the service. WayComm renegotiated the contract reducing monthly costs by 33% plus obtained billing credits of $90,000 over three years resulting in a total cost reduction of nearly $450,000.