Managed Services

Are you effectively managing your costs and service to your corporate users?

Are you managing these services utilizing IT or HR personnel who could otherwise be focused on internal projects that would result in increased revenue or better service to your customer?

Our Managed Services are inexpensive and designed to help you with everything from developing guidelines and policies for corporate wireless use to resolving technical issues, ordering replacement equipment, ensuring that all users are assigned to the best cost plans that match their usage, and reviewing monthly invoices to ensure that you are billed correctly.

Help Desk Support
Inexpensive, professional assistance for your employees' technical issues, be it a telephone or internet service outage, issue with a smart phone or tablet, problem with a phone system, or other service related issue. Our well trained US based customer service team can be your single point of contact for technical support, customer service, vendor coordination, and general assistance.

Carrier Service Management
Assistance with processing of orders for new lines, service orders for moving or opening of new locations, telephone equipment (from a vendor you designate), and installation or repair of telephone and network wiring.

Vendor coordination between service providers and your internal support team to ensure that problems are resolved quickly and with a minimum of disruption to your business.

Wireless Expense Management
Wireless invoices are reviewed monthly and usage patterns are reported for each corporate user. This includes peak minutes, roaming, international usage, data usage and text message usage. This service provides the detail needed to analyze wireless requirements down to individual users, saving money at every level.

Each quarter, every account is re-optimized to adjust shared usage, text messaging and data plans, and report devices not used during the previous three months.

Wireless Service Management
Management of user requests for wireless services including new service, "port in/out" for employees joining or leaving the company, changes to plans, ordering of upgrade or replacement handsets, tablets, air cards, and/or any other request related to your corporate wireless services.. All services are delivered based on predetermined corporate policies and usually are completed on the day of request by experienced US based personnel.

If you have already deployed Wireless Expense Management software, our wireline and/or wireless managed services help desk will complement those implementations and improve service to your internal users.

In most cases our Managed Services offerings will lower your costs by approximately 30% over using internal personnel to perform the same tasks.

All services may be customized to meet your specific requirements.

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